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Noelle’s Story

Noelle tragically lost most of her possessions in an apartment fire. When she moved to a new place and was in need of furniture, Love INC was there. Love INC provided the voucher to make a way for her to receive furniture at no cost to her. We referred her to the Cleveland Furniture ...


Reid’s Story

While Reid had been off work due to illness, their expenses were challenging to meet especially surprise ones such as needing a new hot water tank. They were in need of financial help. Reid's church was able to give his family some funds to help with bills, and Love INC gave them a gift ...


Annette’s Story

Annette lost her husband to suicide and was struggling to manage her finances through  the deep grief she endured. She found herself in financial hardship and was unable to pay her gas bill.  After receiving a shut off notice, she reached out to Love INC for help. Love INC, along with the Community West Foundation, ...


Casey’s Story

Casey had been out of work for several months after struggling with Covid-19. She had a new job lined up but was struggling financially in the in-between time. Casey lived in a mobile home park and only needed to pay her lot fee. Love INC paid $250, and $150 from the Community West Foundation ...


Shannon’s Story

Shannon was recently retired and wanted to start her own business. She decided to enroll in the Faith & Finances® class to learn how to manage finances. Shannon is married, but she and her husband never discussed finances and kept their finances separate. After a few classes, Shannon wanted to discuss God’s principles of ...


Iris’s Story

Iris worked at a restaurant that closed due to Covid. Knowing that her unemployment would run out, she started a small home business to replace her income. She had a 2-year-old son she needed to stay home with because the day care kept closing for Covid. She called Love INC when she was 2 ...


Meera’s Story

Meera was struggling to find enough work during the pandemic, which caused financial setbacks. Then, soon after getting a new job she was exposed to COVID-19 and had to quarantine for two weeks without pay. This made Meera’s financial situation worse and she was almost three months behind on rent when she contacted Love ...

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