Love INC desires to help meet long-term needs through education as well as short term physical and financial needs. We provide several classes each year to teach valuable life skills. The focus of our Life Skills classes is to provide support, learning opportunities and accountability to help people achieve their goals and improve their life circumstances. We engage participants through mentor relationships that instill dignity, help them see their own value and give them hope.

Who or what are you aspiring to be or do? Are you struggling with balance in your life? Do you have dreams you are chasing but feel out of reach? Come join us for a 12 week Affirming Potential® class to help you find the gift, talent or passion hiding inside of you! We will explore the advantage to viewing yourself and your situation through the hope we have in Christ.

Don’t have a lot of money to spare? Do you desire to overcome financial hardship? Are you looking to save more and pay off debt? Come join us for a 12-week Faith & Finance® class as we discover God’s design for our money! Along the way we’ll laugh, eat together and learn from one another.

Who are those in need in our community? How do we best serve them? Redemptive Compassion® is a six-week training course offering a Biblical perspective on how the Church is called to help people in need. Six concepts explore how God has called us to love and serve our neighbors to build them up and bring them hope.

Visit our class pages for details about dates and times to register.