Iris worked at a restaurant that closed due to Covid. Knowing that her unemployment would run out, she started a small home business to replace her income. She had a 2-year-old son she needed to stay home with because the day care kept closing for Covid. She called Love INC when she was 2 months behind in her rent. Her landlord wanted to work with her and not evict her because she was a good tenant. Iris had saved one month but needed to pay both at the same time. She knew she had enough work to pay her rent after she was caught up. Along with the grant from the Cleveland Foundation, Love INC was able to pay $700 for the one month rent. Iris wrote the following thank you note to Love INC: “Thank you for helping my family with paying our rent. This has lifted my spirits. The last two years have been challenging for everyone and it’s good to know that we all our doing what we can to help each other make it through. Thank you again and God Bless!”

*Names and identifying information was changed to protect the privacy of individuals.