Story of Hope

Sharon’s Story

Sharon is a single woman who moved into a new apartment with no appliances. Love INC had originally sent a voucher to Habitat for Humanity for her to get a refrigerator. After a month, Sharon was unable to find a refrigerator that would fit into her apartment. Love INC then referred her to the Cleveland Department of Aging Senior Services for assistance with the appliance. Sharon informed Love INC that she was able to get the agency to assist with the refrigerator. Love INC spoke to Sharon’s social worker and agreed to pay the remaining balance of the appliance. In partnership with the Senior Services Department, a payment was made on Sharon’s behalf to get the refrigerator. Love INC doesn’t just offer one solution and send people on their way. We are dedicated to following up with people until their needs are met to the best of our abilities. #LoveINCStoryOfHope 

*Names and identifying information was changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

“The church must be the hope of the world”

- Virgil Gulker, Founder of Love INC

Our Purpose

Love In the Name of Christ of Cuyahoga County is a Christian ministry that links partner churches, volunteers, and community partners to bring about transformation in the lives of our neighbors in need. More than a hand-out, We offer a hand-up!

The focus of our Life Skills classes is to provide individuals support, learning opportunities and accountability through mentor relationships that instill dignity, help them see their own value and give them hope.

Love INC is designed as a network of pastors and churches that work together to meet critical needs. United in purpose, resources and volunteers are shared to better serve our community.

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Change a life, provide hope, help a neighbor in need.