While Reid had been off work due to illness, their expenses were challenging to meet especially surprise ones such as needing a new hot water tank. They were in need of financial help. Reid’s church was able to give his family some funds to help with bills, and Love INC gave them a gift card to help relieve the cost of fuel and groceries. This allowed them to spend their funds on their hot water tank. Love INC also assisted with clothing and toiletries for the family. We followed up with the family to see if they needed additional help, and they said “No.” Later they sent us this email to say thank you:

“Dear Love INC , 

My husband and I were so blessed to receive a much-needed big care bag filled with essential household supplies and a couple gift cards and even 3 movies in 1 DVD all about the life of Jesus and a life book. 

I thank the Lord for Love INC. Satan has a way of wreaking havoc in our Christian lives that may seem hopeless to some of us, but thankfully God always has a plan! He uses any instrument He chooses to help us in our time of need. We thank the Lord for blessing us through Love INC and for taking the time to pray with us. (Heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness) 

Since I am semi laid up for a while, I look forward to watching movies and reading the book. Thank you all so much for your prayers and generosity.” 

*Names and identifying information was changed to protect the privacy of individuals.