Aeisha has a stable job in healthcare, but works hourly and lives paycheck to paycheck. She has a high-risk pregnancy due to gestational diabetes and missed 3 weeks of work when she was put on bedrest. Her baby is due in early December and she was falling behind on rent. Aeisha didn’t want to face an eviction and reached out to Love INC. She attended budget coaching and made a plan to stay on track financially, especially after her baby is born. Aeisha was so grateful and ready to take steps to balance her budget. It is only through the generosity of our donors that we were able to pray for Aeisha in person, pay one month of her rent, and help repair an oil leak on her car. Aeisha can now focus on preparing for her baby knowing she has housing, safe transportation, and a financial plan.

David is a faithful member of a church in Old Brooklyn, near where he lives on his own. David has a disability, but that has not stopped him from pursuing a degree at Cleveland State University. David had a job at the Cleveland Zoo which was subsidized by the federal government, but it ended in October. He was able to find another job at a restaurant near campus, but it pays less than his previous job. David reached out to Love INC for assistance with his rent as he adjusts to this lower income. He was eager to attend budget coaching and has committed to living by the budget he created with our volunteers. David is also excited to use tools he learned to become debt free. Our budget coaching program was able to provide David with these tools thanks to our donors.

Robert was a long haul truck driver making good money, but his wife passed away after complications with COVID-19 and other health issues. He gained full custody of her 8 year old daughter and quit his job to be there for her daily. After the contract job Robert was working ended, he used up his savings while looking for a full time job. Even though his rent was not high, he had accrued a substantial balance. Robert reached out to Love INC for assistance and we were able to negotiate with the landlord. Robert made a payment with his first paycheck, Love INC paid about half of the balance, and his landlord agreed to a weekly payment. We have followed up with Robert to pray for him. We were able to show Robert and his daughter the love of Christ during this difficult time because of your gifts.

Jeanette has a 13 year old son and during COVID-19 she lost everything, including her business and her home. Recently, her car broke down and could not be repaired. Jeanette was feeling hopeless and reached out to Love INC for assistance. Love INC was able to help pay her balance through the Community West Grant as well as provide toiletries and cleaning supplies. With this fresh start, she continued finding odd jobs and began saving for a used car. But then her rent increased by $150 per month and now her income is not enough to sustain the increased cost. Love INC was able make another payment towards her balance as she looks for a solution. Jeanette’s margins are razor thin and your donation is giving her time to find a way forward as she faces rising costs due to inflation.

Anthony and his sister, Ruth, are both in their 70s and living on Social Security. They have lived in their modest home for over 55 years, but recently had a water leak. It was fixed, but caused them to fall behind on their utility bills. Anthony got on a payment plan for their water, but with the rise in property taxes and other expenses, they could not make the payment. So, he reached out to Love INC for assistance. In partnership with the Community West Foundation grant, Love INC was able to make a payment on his account. Anthony and Ruth are not used to asking for financial assistance and were grateful for Love INC’s help. Your generosity allowed Anthony and Ruth to get back on financial track after facing a costly home repair in the midst of rising inflation.

When the refrigerator breaks you don’t have $1,000 saved to purchase a new one, so you choose the Rent to Own option. By the time you’re done paying off your $30/month payment plan, you will have paid up to 3x the original retail price.

The inability to afford food in bulk or even get transportation to a larger grocery store means you pay a higher price per item because you have to buy small quantities, perhaps from the convenience store around the corner.

Lower paying jobs often have variable hours week to week, meaning you don’t know how much you’ll be earning, can’t commit to a regular schedule for education or vocational training, and have difficulty navigating childcare.

You can get a small apartment for $750/month in a “not-so-nice” part of town, but to get into the apartment, you will need $2,250 for first month, last month, and security deposit.

The chronic stress of living paycheck to paycheck damages your physical, emotional, and mental health. You are prone to illness which means losing hours at work, with no paid time off.

Commuting on public transportation, spending hours at the laundromat, and waiting in long lines for free food and healthcare cuts into time you could spend doing other things.