Alana was in a bad car accident. She was able to work from home for a short while, but then her employer told her she had to come back to the office. She was still unable to drive because of both her car and her injuries. Her employer let her go. Alana now does freelance work from home, but it does not pay much. She reached out to Love INC for assistance with her utility bills. Through our partnership with the Community West Foundation, we were able to pay both her electric and gas bills in full.

Alana sent us the following thank you: “I can’t express how thankful I am. I have tried many avenues of assistance, to be denied by all or not have them available to me as I am not on food stamps and don’t have children. I have worked my entire life and up until now I’ve never been on assistance or asked for any. This pandemic has all but destroyed me. I was born in Slavic Village and have watched so many people give up and stop trying and I was almost one of them. Thank you for your kindness, your charity, and your sincere devotion to helping people. When the lady who took my info prayed for me, I cried because it seems I had almost forgotten that good people and good things still happen. There is so much ugly in the world right now, kindness saves lives and gives us hope in an almost hopeless world. Thank you again, for everything. God bless you!”

*Names and identifying information was changed to protect the privacy of individuals.